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Why us?

We are Inbound experts


We are an agency that specialises in increasing sales and also knows a lot about marketing. We know that it's not about who has the prettiest website, but which website generates the most sales. Nice titles, high traffic numbers... that's all fun, but you need to generate leads, and increase sales. We'll help you know exactly what to say to convert your audiences into customers and clients. Our speciality is Inbound Marketing.

Our Inbound process is unparalleled. Why, it's unrivalled, full stop. It involves the most complete and comprehensive experience your business can have with all digital media available.


We are a certified Inbound

Digital Friks is a Hubspot Certified Partner. Hubspot are the creators of Inbound.

Everyone in the agency is certified. From the founding partners to the girl sitting at the entrance of the office. Why? Because at Digital Friks we use Inbound for ourselves.

In other words: at Digital Friks we are willing to "eat our own tacos". Honestly, how can we ask a client to trust an Inbound process that we ourselves are not willing to use?


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Some Friks 

  • bam

    Alberto Álvarez-Morphy (CSO)
    My particular interest is to improve your company's results.Before becoming an agency I was a client, so I know your problems and needs better than anyone else. Every year I participate as a speaker in at least 5 marketing and sales conferences.

  • Juan Campo / COO Digital Friks

    Juan Campo (COO)
    I have been designing, developing and guiding projects to success for more than 18 years. I am a digital native but I grew up in a much more analogue world. My commitment is to use my talent and that of my team to exploit the maximum potential of your company.

  • nahibi-pena

    Nahibi Peña (Account Manager Sr.)
    In more than 20 years I have been an architect and witness in the change and evolution of the businesses of the clients that have been entrusted to me. At Digital Friks we are only concerned with accompanying them in the growth of their projects. And, more often than not, we will exceed your expectations.

  • aranza-garcia

    Aranza García (Client Success Agent)
    As a Client Success Agent my main job is to prioritize the needs and objectives of our clients, as well as to be aware of them. This in order to help them grow and achieve their goals, adding value to their companies.