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What is Inbound?

It is a new way of thinking, based on the idea of creating and sharing quality, targeted content through digital marketing tactics. This personalisation acts as a magnet that attracts potential customers looking for specific products or services.

¿Qué es Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Methodology

To understand Inbound you need to understand customers and how their buying behaviour has changed in recent years.


In the past, salespeople had the answers to questions such as: how much does it cost, who uses this product, what is the offer, how does it compare to others? In short, they were needed in the process.


Today's customers do NOT need a salesperson to know the answers to these questions, because they are all available on the Internet.


Companies that do Inbound Marketing focus on their customers and not on their products, therefore personalising the shopping experience to the customer's context.



We want to attract the right strangers (your ideal customer) to your website and your products and services, through irresistible, quality content that answers the questions they have. Remember: they are looking for answers, not products or services. Blogging, Social Media, SEO, and even Online Display are some of the tools we will use.



We will convert these visitors into qualified leads through attractive call-to-actions, optimized landing pages, and offers that are perfect for each individual. Contact information is the most valuable currency
for us and we will receive it in exchange for premium content. This includes eBooks, whitepapers,
infographics, articles, tip sheets, case studies, etc.



When generating contacts for the database, we must manage the records, integrate them with CRM or automation tools, and carry out the lead nurturing process. We will adapt to the user's buying cycle with lead scoring, to determine the right time to convert them into customers.



This often overlooked component of Inbound Marketing is your secret weapon for renewals and referrals. Once someone is your customer or client, we will continue to provide them with information that helps them in their personal and work life, so they will continue to see us as a leader in our field. And they will be happy.

Benefits of Inbound
Inbound focuses on providing useful information to customers and gaining their interest in a product or service.
service. What people want is high quality information on the topic they are researching.


Inbound Marketing enfocado al cliente



El Inbound Marketing atrae y enamora a los clientes

Attract and captivate the customer


Inbound usa medios digitales

Use digital media


En Inbound Marketing la comunicación es bidireccional

Communication is two-way


Llega a clientes calificados con Inbound Marketing

Reach qualifiedcustomers


Inbound Marketing es facil de medir y tiene ROI garantizado

Easy to measure, ROI guaranteed.

What should be happening?
If your site receives 1,500 monthly visitors, you should generate at least 2 new customers per month. If you receive more or fewer visitors, adjust the number of "visitors per month", to calculate the number of customers your site should generate.
Calculadora de Leads
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